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  1. I am running Cura 4.4 and I am printing on an ender 3 (modded with direct drive). I usually have no issue with stringing, however after changing filament (esun grey Pla+, printed at 205c), stringing started to become more common. I saw that there was a trend with the stringing, it occured every time the print head rises to the next layer height before proceeding to move away from the part before. This causes the effect of a z-hop, which in my experience has just contributed to stringing (excess filament can't be wiped off with combing). I was wondering if there is a setting I am not aware of that could move the print head first before raising it? Or if there is any other setting that could be altered to mitigate the problem (already tried putting retraction up to 16mm). If it persists, I will just return to my old filament. Many thanks.
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