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  1. thanks for your reply! I didn't see it actually printing the defect as it was at the back right corner of the builtplate (14h full built plate print - 450grams) From the preview in Cura it looks indeed to be at the start of the outer line. Retract on layer change and retract before outer layer were not checked. However before he starts printing the outer layer, he fills in a small gap in the opposite corner parts, maybe there is retraction (although combing is set to 'not in skin') but he definitely has a travel move of 220mm before starting the outer wall.
  2. anyone an idea how to avoid this type of defect? ultimaker S5 - 0.8mm nozzle, 0.3mm layer height, polymaker polylite ABS, looks like layers stop printing way before end of line (to give an idea of scale: product height = 50mm) thanks Michael abs08.3mf
  3. thanks! in my situation this temperature variation can be even larger, and this within the same print - I understand the air manager has no real time temperature measurement and will base its settings on initial data (@ start of the print) so I'm afraid it will result in print to print variation. As I'm printing most of the time more engineering grade materials for functional parts I want to minimise this and I'm afraid the current Air Manager functionality is falling short on this. Considering building my own hood now with temperature controlled fan regulation, hence
  4. @SandervG what is the maximum allowed build volume temperature?
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