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  1. Thanks for the feedback... cheers!
  2. I am wondering this... since there were no readily available profiles for my printer (Two Trees Sapphire-S) in Cura, and I manually added the printer perhaps that is where my problem is. What do you think?
  3. Thanks I appreciate your feedback.
  4. ZapBrannigan, yes to both questions. I downloaded the code from Thingiverse for my specific printer although I have a Sapphire-S printer and it did not specify model... "S" or "Pro". I have also loaded .stl files to Cura for slicing. I believe I am going to zero everything out and start from scratch because I don't believe I had this issues when I first got started but since all this is new to me I can't be sure.
  5. Thanks ZapBranniganm... I appreciate your feedback. Yeah... this is going to be a duesy for me to figure out. This is what I got so far... The print I'm attempting is a fan shroud I downloaded from Thingiverse so I'm assuming the code is not corrupted. I'll download another item to see what happens. Also, following your suggestion it appears that my print starting point is at layer 133 and ends at layer 234. The total print should have 265 layers. Go figure! : (
  6. Hello Newbe here, Can someone tell me why my prints always come out short in height but all other dimensions are OK? The machine acts like it has completed the print, quits and goes home. Also the last print job I made the machine went through its print cycle all the way to the end but the print was incomplete. There were gaps in the print where i can see the infill. I am using a Two Trees Sapphire-S CoreXY printer and Ultimaker Cura 4.4 Thanks in advance for any guidance offered.
  7. Thank you both ahoeben and DidierKlein for your response. I was trying to copy and paste in the Manage Printers > Machine Settings > Start/End g-code but would not work using the typical MS Word procedure. And yes the Ctrl-C and Ctrl-v work great. Thanks again!
  8. Hello, Newbe here. This topic may have already been discussed but as a quick reply... does anyone know why Cura does not allow copy and paste into the start script? Thanks
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