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  1. Yesterday I started a new printjob at 09:30 - the camera worked and produced images until today 07:50, so it worked for approximately 22:20 hours and now the camera-stream isn't responding any more, neither for "snapshot" nor for "stream" - the port 8080 just doesn't seem to be open any more. The firmware is now 5.4.27, which according to the webpage is the newest currently available. Any idea how to fix it, or how to debug it? The print will be finished this afternoon, so I can do testing only starting next week.
  2. Regarding the Air Manager, I switched the Ultimaker off, unplugged the Air Manager and started Ultimaker again. We had the Air Manager mostly closed since we have this printer, the print worked well (for some things I set the extruder temperature somewhat lower). Regarding the not-working camera-stream, I did not yet do systematic testing. Yesterday I wanted to confirm the state of a print, and couldn't, because the Ultimaker apparently wasn't listening on port 8080. Today when I switched the printer on again, the camera-stream works for now. I'll try to keep an eye on it, and repo
  3. Additionally to the problems mentioned here (Air Manager running full tilt, with corresponding noise - for now I unplugged it), it seems that with the firmware 5.4.24 the internal camera of the Ultimaker S5 doesn't work any more - or at least the stream doesn't. Before, I was able to connect with the browser to "http://ip.address:8080/?action=stream" and could monitor the progress and quality of the print - since the firmware-upgrade I get only "conection denied". I can still contact the webpage of the printer, but can no longer view the camera-stream. Any ideas? Is it
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