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  1. OH, thanks about this fast reply😀. I would try this setting and give a reply. The Z-hop set was only a try, because I would build my own switching nozzle and there I thought it's need. And yes, I should update my Cura👍
  2. ?I have no problems with the printer, but I have problems with Cura. After the Brim the printer drives to one corner, than the Z-axis motor starts wiggling, but it moves down. So there is between the nozzle and the bed a 1-2 millimetre gap. Than the nozzle drives to the Start point of the cube, the bed moves up at normal high, but also with wiggling of the motor. Now the printer starts normal printing of the Cube, and it's all right. This is what the printer is doing, but other printers do this too. So the problem is on side of Cura. It's maybe happening, because the Z-axis hopp setting has a wrong set, but where can I set this right and how?
  3. Yes already But why I should level the bed, this is perfect levelled UMO_xyzCalibration_cube_0.07_100mm.gcode
  4. Hey guys😃 I have a problem with the G-Code which is generated by Cura 4.1.0 So it looks. I start the XYZ-calibration cube Print, it prints the liability layer (Brim or Skirt, it is by every opportunity the same), will start the cube and then it happens. The Z-axis motor starts wiggling, drives without Extrusion maybe 1 or 2 millimetres up (this needs 10 seconds). Then it drives to the Start point of the Cube, drives the same time, without Extrusion down. Now it prints all right, finish without any more problems. BUT! I've got some drops in two corners because out of the nozzle comes a little amount of plastic. Which setting I must correct that this have an End? Please send help. Nice Greetings (Please ignore my spelling, it's in work)
  5. Hallo zusammen. Nachdem ich immer noch Probleme mit dem Drucken vom XYZ calibration Cube hab, denke ich das es jetzt an der Zeit ist mal nachzufragen. Immer wenn ich einen Druck starte beginnt er ganz normal mit dem Brim. Danach aber fängt er an erst an einem Eckpunkt ganz langsam hoch und dann runter zu fahren. Das macht er dann auch bei einem zweiten Punkt, danach aber druckt er dann aber ganz normal weiter. Problem daran, ich habe an zwei Ecken schöne Batzen von Filament. Ich denke das Problem liegt am G-Code. Was muss ich ändern, damit er diese zwei Schritte automatisch auslässt?
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