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  1. Hi everybody, I have one question for those who prints on demand for your customers (not friend - printing per litres 😄 ). What is your cost per hour for printing on yours Ultimaker S series machines with different materials (PLA, ABS, Nylon GF, with/without support) and how do you calculate price for printing?
  2. Hi everyone, i have one problem (I hope i'll describe a problem reasonably - I'm not very good in English) Question is: Is there any solution to make my own profile for my own material (which is not a default material type) I want to make profile for ASA material, from a local manufacturer. In Cura, I Duplicated "Generic ABS" material and changed it: Display name: ASA Green Brand: YYY Material type: ASA Set green color Unlink Material Then I restarted Cura. In my printer, I got new material, everythi
  3. Once, when i wanted to print a ball, i cut the 3d model to 4 pieces (quarters) and print it. I rotated every piece for 45° i got very pretty outer surface (need of support structure due to small conntact area to the buildplate). Then I glued all pieces together (use holes/pins/slots) and it was very nice resoult, prepaired to postprocessing.
  4. My advice: Rotate model for 90° in X or Y axis and you'll get better results. In your situation, i would rotate model for 90° (Left surface (on your image) align to the build plate).
  5. Hi everyone, I just bought Ultrafuse 316L but I can't load profile from marketplace on my Ultimaker S3. On S5 it works, but on S3 there isn't any option to choose Ultrafuse 316l material (other Basf materials works ok). Is this material compatible only for Ultimaker S5 and not for S3?
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