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  1. Hi and thanks for the reply. My settings are actually 4 layers top/bottom (you can see in the screenshot), so the grid infill doesn't start until layer 5.
  2. Hi all, When running the print shown in the attached screenshots, I noticed that the 4th layer line pattern was different that all the others. I have Zigzag selected for top and bottom pattern, but for some reason, looking at the preview it appears this layer is being printed as line pattern. I'm not sure if this is a bug or intentional or maybe I'm just misinterpreting the preview. I started looking closely at this preview, because I noticed during printing that this layer looked messy. To my eye, the lines appeared to be printing too close together, because the nozzle seemed to be "plowing" along the edge of the previously printed line (adjacent to it). This results in a rough layer, because the edges of the lines are slightly raised. So two questions: 1. Does this change in line pattern seem correct? 2. What could be causing the "plowing" and what are possible solutions? I've calibrated my extruder E steps and adjusted my flowrate to 98% based on printing a single wall cube. I'm wondering if I'm overextruding, but I'm not seeing any obvious signs of it anywhere else in the print. My bed is level and I'm using ABL (BLTouch). Printing PLA at 210 deg with bed temp of 60. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Jeff
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