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  1. Yes, if you accidentally got some settings in your printer-profile wrong this would almost certainly lead to problems while printing. Think of entering a wrong size of the print-space. Although such an error is hard to oversee because you're always working "inside" the machine-space in cura. So if you had specified a space that would fit into a nutshell you'll notice that when you try to slice your first model. But there are other settings that can be done wrong - some printers even need special gcode-sequences for some functions. That's why you best find somebody with the same printer (sometimes there are groups even on facebook) who already defined a profile for cura. Checking the profile is a good starting point anyways.
  2. Mmm, sounds reasonable so far. If you made a lot of changes in your cura settings/profiles then it might indeed make sense to reset and start from scratch. Maybe you should also look for a forum with users of your specific machine. Good luck for sorting things out!
  3. Hey latrevino, do you mean by "code" that you downloaded a (ready-made) gcode-file? In that case - did you make sure it is compatible with your machine (at best exacly made for your printer-model)? Or are we talking about an geometry-file (most common is .stl) that you sliced with cura to produce a gcode-file yourself?
  4. Hello latrevino, the first thing for you to find out here would be wether it is actually the printer/settings (I wouldn't have a clue right now if that is the case) or if your input-data (g-code file) is already bad. You can check that by analyzing the machine-pathes in the cura preview-mode (the middle-button at the top between "prepare" and "monitor"). If you notice something is wrong here already, then a bad geometry (.stl) file might be the reason (non-closed or intersecting surfaces and the like)
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