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  1. This error keeps appearing each time I reload the program, even after running CCleaner to remove registry entries, there has to be a fault in the software.
  2. I do not hav any drives higher the H mapped, but still have this issue. Also the program does not appear in Win 10 Start Menu or my desktop.
  3. When starting Cura 4.9 I receive the Freezer Python error in main script (traceback unavailable). Ihave added the screen capture of the error, and the program will not load. Appreciate your advice on this.
  4. I tried to install version 4.6.2, and when it was downloaded I noticed the file extension is AMD64, not Win64 as per previous versions. When you run the installer as administrator the attached error message appears, this seems to be possibly related to the file extension not being correctly recognized? Previous versions up to and including 4.6.1 installed successfully and work well, 4.6.1 was a big improvement in time calculation, just wondering why this is happening? Thanks for the help.
  5. I have found since version 3.6, when you send the sliced file to your SD card etc, you cannot overwrite the file. At times I have realized that a part was not correct, and re-sliced the model and re-saved it to my SD card. The issue or bug is that the original file is not overwritten. This means when you start the print, changes made after the first "version" are not picked up by the file. I think it should be a simple code change similar to how MS Windows overwrites the file, with a warning message that your about to overwrite the file. I have used the 4.5.0 beta since its rel
  6. Thanks for that information, based on your comments, this sounds like its something that Cura generates during the slicing process. I wonder if it can be considered as a "bug". Its more of a nuisance than anything if you want to check a file after it has been sliced and saved.
  7. This one of the GCode files that gives the invalid message, but I'm able to print it with no issues. GhostbatMid.gcode
  8. I have noticed that both version 4.0 and 4.3 give me an invalid file error if I try to load a GCode file previously created using either versions. Is this meant to work this way, or is it bug?
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