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  1. Hello, i want to understand how custom support works, therefore i made a simple model. I am supposed to use per model setting (ref to 2) but it is grayed out. Searching around i need to be in custom mode. Am i? I should be (ref to 1). Per model setting is still grayed out, what am i missing? Thanks.
  2. Hello, does anyone ever tried ICE filaments? Would you recommend? They look cheap on amazon. Ultimaker 3 is the printer. Thank you.
  3. Hello, i've launched cura today (since long time), it has asked me to update to new version, which i've diligently done. Now it is 4.4. Sadly i'm without solidworks plugin and i need it. No sign of it in the marketplace, i didn't find a way to do a personalized search. No sign of plugin bar either, see this picture http://prntscr.com/qbmty6 What i am supposed to do? Thanks in advance.
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