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  1. "This is a Single Wall with a Double Wall where there is infill: Wall Line Count = 1 Extra Infill Wall Count = 1 Extra Skin Wall Count = 0 Alternate Extra Wall = False" this is not true, it double wall at all height and this happen when I set in Cura 4.8 wall line count = 1 extra infill wall count =3 it only add wall at bottom, not all at all height
  2. I want to set all layer height is 0.2mm, only 1 outer wall is 0.1mm I set: Wall line count = 1 layer height = 0.1 Extra infill wall count = 3 infill layer height = 0.2 . by turning on Alternate Extra Wall it is reduce from 4 lines to 2, but I want only 1 to cutting down more print time. But more, the infill width doubled which is fine (skip 1 layer so double at next layer) , the problem is Extra infill walls printed (same as infill) not doubled (skip 1 layer so it need doubled at next layer) so it get under underextrusion 50% . I see there no option to change that here,
  3. oh that infill layer thickness great. But IMO if we have only outer wall is 0.1 and all other is 0.2 layer height, we can print with "0.2" time and "0.1" detail looking
  4. I think this will help you make 3D printed parts look more detail but make less time to print
  5. I wondering can I set outer wall is 0.1mm and all orther is 0.2 or 0.3mm. That make model look detail and not take a long time to print.
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