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  1. Hi, I'm part of a workshop trying to automate our printer workflow as much as possible. Since we work with students, I've been trying to investigate Cura Engine from a terminal in the hopes of detecting model errors before printing them - without having to manually inspect the file. However I cannot find any documentation around this. Any leads or alternative suggestions that'd do the job would be greatly appreciated!! 🙂
  2. Yeah I'd already been over Daid's docs, thanks though. This is ridiculously handy, thanks a heap, have the example working so I guess I'll build from there, cheers 🙂 New questions / issues with running a print job however: Actually printing through this has proven quite difficult. I now get a 200 response code but nothing occurs on the printer...
  3. Hello, as title says, not having success figuring out HTTPDigest. Below I've attached both the code I'm trying to use and all the results I could think to log. Curiously I cannot get put requests working via the API at all, attempting to rename my printer has resulted in it now being called "none"? I did successfully retrieve and validate a key/password pair though. I'm trying to change the LED colour with a python script, any help in the right direction would be greatly appreciated :)
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