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  1. Hi, I managed to get some time over the weekend and increasing the flow seems to have improved the print by 60-70%. I will have a play about with the temperature to see if that makes much of a difference. Thanks, Harold
  2. Thank you for your reply. I will try and increase the flow at the weekend and follow up. Thank you again for your time... Harold
  3. Hello forum, I had just finished my first 1Kg reel of PLA that came with my AnyCubic Mega. I have replaced it with another 1Kg reel of AnyCubic PLA. However, I am having print issues. As this is my first PLA change, you can tell that I am a newbie. I can understand that two different manufactures will have different properties, but I was hoping that, by using AnyCubic PLA the settings that I had previously would work. From the image attached, can anyone point me in the right direction for solving this issue. It also finds it hard to print circles, they are blobby or no
  4. Hi forum... I am having issues where my print head will get stuck at arbitrary positions when printing the scaffolding of an object (as per the attached image). I am not sure if there is a setting within Cura that I can change, or whether this is more of an hardware / setup issue. Any help / suggestions will be gratefully received. Kind Regards, Harold Clements The printer is an AnyCubic Mega S with the supplied 1.75mm filament.
  5. Thank you very much... This has fixed my issue. I am very grateful for your help and so will my grandson whose xmas present I am trying to print. I know I am cutting it fine to be ready for the day, but the printer was an early present for me 🙂 Kind Regards, Harold...
  6. Hello forum. I am new to 3D printing and have had reasonable success with printing small miniatures (something with not much surface area). However, I have been trying to print something with a bit more width and I have an issue (that was also present with my earlier prints, but did not cause so much of an issue as they has a small surface area). The issue is that I seem to be extruding when the print-head is moving to its next position. I have spent a lot of time ensuring that the print bed is level and clean. I have adjusted the 'Retraction' flow, Hot-end tempera
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