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  1. Reporting back, that after a couple prints completed now, my material station and S5 are performing perfectly. Knowing what to expect for operation with the Material Station, so that I stopped shutting it down in a panic, has made things much better. The panic shut downs had made the problems even worse to get worked out. One more thought is that if the S5 display could say something useful like: "Material Station purge in process, Nozzle 1" , instead of the usual "Preparing to print" , Users would be less apt to panic. Use the screen to tell users more of what is going on with the machine please. Thank you all.
  2. The first attempted print, I did let it go, and it failed with an error message that print head did not reach temp fast enough. Found the pile of purged material on the floor of the printer, which is usually not a good sign. This Purge behavior, if correct, should be better documented so folks know what to expect. I attached a picture of the mess left on the left side from a single hotend 1 purge of the material station load process. Seems like way more filament than I would expect for a purge, and movement of the head front to back during the process is also seemingly unnecessary. Hence why I thought the S5 had lost its mind. I attempted another print and let it run. The first nozzle purge completed with the mess I show, then it switched nozzles and went to the right side (off) the build plate. It then Failed with ER54 trying to load PVA from Bay E to hotend 2. I attached image of failure notice. There does not seem to be any way to get past these error messages on screen, other than a power reset? No button on screen to push to clear etc? Pulled about 6" of PVA back out of material station in bay E that looked pretty mangled. It was not up to the Printer in the Bowden. I also cleared filament from nozzle 1 back though the material station and Bay A too. I Ran print one more time with expectation it will use material loaded in Bay B and F, which it did. Purge ran on left side in black, to load hotend1, and then for the first time, I saw it also make a big ole pile of PVA off of the right side of the build plate. Big mess on the floor of the printer, but it is finally running a print. So I would say my problem is solved, but I strongly suggest the behaviors are documented in the quick start guide and the user manual, where I found no mention. Also there should be a way out of these error messages on screen. Thank you
  3. The head is moving completely off the left side and to the front of a raised build plate and dumping filament down under the build plate on the left side for a while (NOT putting filament on top of the build plate), then it shifts backwards about an inch and dumps some more material on that side, then back another inch etc. It never ran the typical self level procedure at the start of the print, but started this behavior instead. Must shut off power to stop it. I was able to extract the filament from the head while it was still hot, release the extruder, and pull it back through material station. Does the same bizarre process if I try to eject the involved Core 1. Acts normally of I ask it to eject Core 2 not involved yet. Repeated attempt to print and this time it took same type Tough PLA from Bay B and repeated the same bizarre behavior once that loaded until I killed the power to limit the mess. This has been a perfectly good working S5 for the last few months. I also have years of experience with a UM2+. All hell broke loose yesterday when the material station was first added. I have tried factory reset and also repeated the Firmware upgrade of this same 5.4.27-20191212 version and no difference has been seen. I really hate to remove the material station and try to roll back to the base S5, since it will be tough to decide to try again at some point. Better to resolve this. Is my reseller going to be any help? Is there older firmware, or some sort of firmware purge and reload that can be done to get a working setup? Thank you
  4. I just received and installed the Material station for my S5 bundle. No air manager has arrived yet. After install, upgraded firmware to latest offered on the machine 5.4.27-20191212. Now what was a great printer has lost its mind and is useless. First print I ran, it loaded from bay "A" to extruder 1, but it dumped a bunch of filament off the left side of the build plate, and threw an error that the nozzle did not heat fast enough. Now there is no way I can find to eject that material. It is loaded all the way into the head, but the material menu has all options greyed out for that bay. Is there some trick to force an unload? I do not want to break material station dragging the filament backwards through it. Even an attempt to remove the core, goes crazy spewing material on the left of the build plate. Thank you
  5. We are having the same problem with our new S5 too. The reset of Cura connect on the printer fixes the camera, but only for a short time. Never have a problem sending prints over the network to the printer. It is a hard wired network. Not using wifi
  6. I usually just use Ultimaker materials, but today after I installed 4.4.1, I created a new test material. Saved my project, closed Cura, opened Cura, and the new material was there. 4.4.1 seems to be functional in this regards. Good luck
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