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  1. Hi, Same problem since yesterday on 4.5.0, it stops mid-print, it just freezes but my lcd screen shows "printing", and the countdown also freezes on Cura (I'm printing with the usb cable)... I've tried with the last version of Cura and it did the same... What is going on? EDIT : Nevermind, it was my USB port
  2. Thank you, I've just printed it and the only problem I've got is that the extruder motor was vibrating at some point just before starting the print. Then it stopped and started the print fine. Here's the result in picture :
  3. Here's a snapshot from below, see the exact same pattern ? 🙂
  4. YES !! YES !!! I've modified all the missing layers by changing the z axis coordinates to match as if it was printed from the beginning : 0.26, 0.46, 0.66.... etc AND IT WORKS ! It's annoying but it works !
  5. OMG ! I think I'm on something ! I've opened the orginal Gcode and to see each layer, I've used "CTRL+F" and typed "Z", so I could see the layer change ! I went to the end of the Gcode and counted 26 layers descending the file. Then I've copied this part of the Gcode and pasted it in another tab. I've also copy/paste the beginning of the gcode, and here's the result 🙂 BUT ! As you can see and I've mentioned it earlier : it's in mid-air, and there's not way to put it on the plate with the mouse or keyboard... I think I'm going to have to modify each Z coordinate
  6. Hi everyone :), It's the fourth time I'm printing a huge piece... The first three times failed because my spool was not unrolling correctly so I've printed a better spool holder and it's working fine. Sadly, this morning I've noticed it failed... AT THE END OF THE PRINT, because the solder of my heating bed broke ! Omg that was really frustrating. But ! Because of the Gyroid infill pattern, I've figured out exactly where it stopped, I know the number of the layer (n°413) where it stopped, so I had an idea : could I manage to print only the layers that are above this
  7. "Make overhang printable" could be perfect if the slicer wouldn't print this part as a shell, because it does so it's not possible to remove this part afterwards. I don't know how I could play with the tree option, do you have any ideas ?
  8. Thank you. That's toooo bad, it could save so much plastic and time ! Is there another software that could do that ? Thanks
  9. Hi everyone, It could look like a simple question but I didn't find any results on the web for what I'm looking for. I'll try to explain well : I want Cura to generate support ON the model. You know, if you generate support, Cura starts the support on the plate and then it goes up to the overhang part. I don't want that. What I want is supports generated ON the model, progressively just to support the overhand where it is. You can see my idea on those drawings I made very quickly. The build plate is green, the model is black and the s
  10. Nice ! There's a trick to change infill density on specifics parts using the support blocker ! Here's the video, I think I solve my problem : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=su_m5zV9rvA Thank you
  11. My model is too geometric so there's no difference :/. Hm.. Can we stop infill at a certain layer ? Because I need it only for the first layers
  12. Wonderful ! Thank you Carla !
  13. Simpler example : imagine you want to print a cube with no infill, at the end of the print, when the printer is "closing" the cube with the "roof", it doesn't have support to print on. That's what I want, having a support only on those overhang parts, not elsewhere. I know I could enable infill, but I want to save filament and infill will be printed everywhere in the model and not only on those overhang parts.
  14. Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum, I was wondering : I'm going to print a model that has big thickness, so if I print it without infill, some parts can't be printed because they are not being supported by anything, you know what I mean ? Anyway, is there an option in cura to only print infill on overhang parts ? Because even if I enable supports, cura don't recognize those parts as overhang parts. It's difficult to explain it like that, tell me if you need more explanation or illustration. Thanks (I'm french and my english is not that good)
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