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  1. Same issue here. I tried to use PLA and then I used a default profile. As soon as I modified the profile I got the "not supported" message. Still prints fine, just would like to get rid of the "not supported" message.
  2. Thanks for all the feedback! I like the suggestions of starting with a lower nozzle height and will give that a try. My main issue is with petg. Jcd, your idea may have been incorporated in the small feature experimental setting. Not sure if you have checked it out yet! I think I may need to combine the layer height with the small feature setting. I would still be interested in a solid first layer feature even is the changes work, as it is a fast way of getting the first layer with a very high success rate. With that method I can just hit print and walk away.... Plus it look
  3. Thanks for the response. I have used the brim inside as well, but when you try to use it with 3mm holes the brim can just rips off as well. Like I mentioned, the most surefire way I found was to slice a brim and the just have the entire first layer covered by zigzagging without trying to circle the small holes. Breaking through a first thin layer in post processing is easy since it's the same effort of removing a successful brim.
  4. Hello everybody, I'm having build plate adhesion problems on the first layer with small holes and other small features. I tried the experimental "small features" setting, and my success rate went up, but it was still no guarantee. Well, I found a way that has always worked so far. I create a solid first layer and then just remove the excess in the post cleanup phase. I was wondering if anybody knew how to create a solid first layer either via Cura settings or via maybe a plugin in Cura? I'm attaching an example so you know what I'm trying to accomplish without having to add it
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