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  1. Makerbot....The real world requires all to be experts at conversion in many areas of science. Just wanting a no conversion world will not change reality. Units have been created by experts for hundreds..thousands of years and to make new discoveries typically require standing on the shoulders of Giants using their units. The market will decide when one product allows easy conversion for all they will have a larger market. Telling a customer what they need is not a great market strategy.
  2. What date will the next official version be released that supports the inches or mm unit selection? What will the version number be? FYI: For me the default is inches 99% of the time
  3. Disappointed that Cura does not provide a unit selection. The statement that it is trivial to convert and then to state it is to difficult to maintain is not consistent. There are heritage designs in inches that will not just disappear. When trying to confirm that parts fit before building the real thing not having a simple conversion built into the tool has the potential to create problems...See Mars mission catastrophic failure due to incorrect trivial conversion! Agree with other commenter: What do you expect when it is free. I will try the conversion plug in soon. Glad to now understa
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