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  1. I've been using V4.0.0 for some time and getting good results even though my Ender-5 was not on the printer list. I tried several newer versions but was plagued with stringing problems. None of the published solutions would solve the problem. After solving my display problem, I went back to V4.0.0 from V4.4.1 trying V4.2.1 on the way. My parts are often thin wall cylinders, 1.2mm wall, with index bumps on the outside. With all later versions, a 100% concentric infill would result in the print head jumping from someplace on the cylinder to another to deposit a small amount of filament in the area of an index bump. As it crossed over to the other side of the cylinder, it would leave a string across the middle. These strings would stack up vertically leaving a vertical ridge on the inside and difficult to remove with a knife.


    On V4.0.0, it would follow the already printed surface to deposit the extra infill thereby eliminating the crossover and the strings. This appears to be a bad philosophy for handling infill. If a small amount is needed then it should be printed while the nozzle is already at the adjacent thread. I did not try V4.1.0 as it did not have an Ender-5 in it's list. I know that V4.2.1 has this bug and probably all versions thereafter. If someone knows how to fix V4.4.1 then I'd like to know how so I can get the latest Ender-5 settings.

  2. The problem has been solved. On my 23" 1910x1080 monitor, I had set the OS display content size to 125% as the icons and text were too small. This caused problems in Cura in being able to position various popup windows in the available space with oversized text. If you position the profile window carefully, you can make it work but it takes some experimenting. I set the content size back to 100% and solved the small text problem in each program that was affected. In Cura, you set a Qt environment variable scale factor to 125% to solve it's size problem. Cura should have a font size selector so it can be done within the program.


  3. I've now moved to V4.4.1. It was OK for about a week but is now doing the same thing on Win7. On Win10, it is OK although I've not used it there extensively. Like V4.0.0, the build plate is sometimes missing although the model loads and slices. There is no particular pattern as to when it happens and no other graphic programs exhibit this problem.

    Any clues?


  4. I just installed V4.2.1 after removing all traces of V4.0.0. Both versions have this same problem on a Win7 PC. Some of the text in profile data titles and pop up help titles are missing. On V4.0.0 it happened most of the time and got worse from it's initial use where it was OK. The newer version was bad after the clean install but worked OK on two subsequent starts. A screenshot is attached. The same versions have no problem on a Win10 Acer laptop. No other program acts like this on the Win7 PC. The Python version is 3.2.1.

    Cura V421 missing text.png

  5. I've managed to solve most of the problem by going back to DesignSparkMechanical, DSM, and setting the STL facet options to the highest resolution. I'm still having a problem with the infill of a stepped cylinder. When it gets to the upper thinner portion, it prints two very short lines on one side then crosses over, leaving strings, and does the same thing on the opposite side. Both the cylinder and shell wall thickness are 1.2mm. I have not tried enough combinations of wall and infill to get a solution.


  6. I'm having the same problem with 4.4.1 and found no solution. It's creating some very messy, and unusable, thin wall cylinders. I don't have the problem with 4.0.0 but that version on Win7 periodically does not show the build plate. At what version does this polygon problem start? I'm using an Ender-5 and would like to use 4.2.1 or newer, but without the polygon problem.

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