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  1. Добрый день. Я выбираю по очереди: Настройки> Настройки видимости Configure> Материалы> Создать Новый материал не создан. Мне грустно.
  2. Сегодня, 19.01.2020 проверил работу плагина. Не работает! Версия плагина 3.5.3 дата 16.01.2020
  3. Respected DivingDuck! Agree, it’s a little awkward to scratch your left ear with your right hand. 🙂 And by the way, this does not help. I have a feeling that the new versions have more features and twice as many bugs.
  4. Good day, everyone. Trying to rename a material profile. I press F2 - there is no reaction. Only from the menu. The profile is called “PLA FDPlast C”, where “C” means “Correct”. In the menu, select "Rename", delete C ", press Enter. The system removes C, adding" # 2 ". Rename. Delete # 2. Appears # 3 Please note that other profiles with similar names are not listed.
  5. Hello. I apologize in advance: I do not know English well and I write through a google translator. Cura 4.4.1 I want to create new material. Options> Parameter Visibility> Materials> Create. And nothing... In Сura 3.6.0 everything was just great. Windows 10. All previous installations of Syrah removed and cleaned the registry. The result is negative. Could you please help me.
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