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  1. I tried multiple fixes with ctbeke from Ultimaker but nothing ever worked. I really doubt it's the network because I tried with multiple networks (phone hotspot, home network with no firewall, work internet, etc.) AND I am able to connect with the other printer I have (Ultimaker 3) using my phone hotspot.
  2. I just updated my Ultimaker S3 firmware to the latest version and when I click "Connect" in the Digital Factory menu, nothing happens. I should say that the connection to the Cloud never worked on this printer.
  3. Thank you for looking into this. I already tried a few times to reset everything and reinstall the firmware but it did not help.
  4. That seems to bring me to the default home screen.
  5. I don't see the IP address field, but here are the other values
  6. Here is another screen of the log before the loop begins:
  7. Here is a print screen of the log:
  8. I'm not convinced it's a networking issue since the same network allowed me to connect the Ultimaker 3 to the Cloud. Also, when I connect the S3 to the hotspot network, I am able to connect to the printer via WiFi and see the camera feed, etc. From what I see (and understand) in the log is that the IP is not recognized when I try to do the Cura Cloud connect but not before. I'm no expert at all so this may not be related at all but maybe the API is not grabbing the IP properly? You also mentioned in one of your earlier post that there was a previous configuration that caused a bug.
  9. I just tried again with a different phone and network and I see the same issues in the log. Could I try to reinstall the firmware? Would it change anything?
  10. Yes I have LAN cable, but the network to which I can connect is even more restricted than the WiFi.
  11. Hello, I just tried the whole process after resetting to factory but I am still stuck at the same place. Tried again after resetting to factory AND cura connect, no luck there either. The IP address is a normal IP as far as I know. I am using my phone's 4G as wifi because my work's network blocks the port used by the printer (I cannot change that). This process worked with our Ultimaker 3. Attaching logs again Logs.zip
  12. Logs.zip I redid the connection process again this morning and tried to cloud connect. Here are the logs. Thank you for your help!
  13. Hello, I just tested the new firmware with my S3 and I still can't connect to the cloud. It is still stuck on the cloud activation screen. Attaching my log to the post. dmesg.log
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