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  1. On 1/5/2020 at 8:50 PM, ultiarjan said:

    very cool, like it a lot, will you also release the design files (stp) so others can contribute models?


    Thank you for your suggestion, GEE 🙂 There will be a in-depth specification of the STEMFIE dimensional standard, so that everyone can develop compatible parts. Please stay tuned via https://newsletter.stemfie.org. I also plan to release the STEP files in the future for the very purpose of what you mentioned: community contributions. 

    I wish the STEMFIE project to mature a bit and will be releasing a few more projects shortly. That will probably mature the design, making it ready for STEP file release.


    Cheers. 🙂


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  2. Hi! 🙂


    I have designed a construction set toy, which I am releasing now for anyone to download and print. The first project is a toy car demonstrating the construction set toy. You can download it from from https://stemfie.org/sps-000001.


    Assembly video: 





    Stay tuned at https://newsletter.stemfie.org for future releases of new projects and construction set parts.


    Cheers! 🙂




    STEMFIE - 3D-printable rubber band-driven toy car - Main - SPS-000001 - stemfie.org.jpg

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