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  1. Hey everyone! Im fairly new to 3D printing and have been fine tuning some settings. I was going to start messing with the bridging settings in there experimental section of cura and was curious if cura counts going over infill as bridging or if it treats it like any other layer? This way I know if I can get away with less infill by achieving better bridging over the infill. If that's how it's treated.
  2. Following because I have this happen as well, seemingly randomly. My guess is random over extrusion or under extrusion since it's a solid line around the whole object. Hopefully someone with dónde real answers will pop in.
  3. Alright so my print speed for wall lines and infill was set to 45 mm/s so I reduced it to both 40 then 35mm/s and am still having gapping. My inner and outer wall speed is set to 22.5 mm/s for better detail. My initial layers and even my infill is still doing fine. It only seems to be gaping when it's printing the "fine" detail areas or the small areas that are only lines. Whether they are straight or curved, long or short. I don't really want to lower the speed anymore because my Ender 3 pro should be able to easily print at higher speeds than that and im not really looking to increase my pri
  4. Not saying I won't try reducing my speed to test what your saying, but if speed were the ultimate culprit, wouldn't the lines be showing up a lot sooner than 25%? Once this terrain floor finishes I'll print another cube. I changed my wall line count on a whim by +1 to try and help with the walls since that's mostly where it happens. Currently at 52% with no wall gaps.
  5. Hello everyone, this is my first inquiry here so firstly thank you for any help you can provide. Secondly Im having issues with my Ender 3 Pro. Like most people my bed isn't perfectly level and because I'm using the magnetic bed those dips can cause some mild leveling issues. Once I get everything level though and start printing everything seems fine. A few hours into my prints though I start to get gaps in my lines for both the infill and my walls. I thought maybe my bed adjustment knobs were backing off. So I lightly raise the bed in the area im noticing it happening and the lines will go aw
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