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  1. With this settings finally the part was printed successfully (ABS and PVA HT+ combination). Thanks for the support! Benji
  2. Hy! Thanks for the answer, I try your settings asap and post my experience. I do not insist to the ABS material, I want an material which it does not deform from the sunlight. Can you recommend recommend a material that is just as easy to print as PLA? Thanks Benji
  3. Hy! I want to print the 3D part which can be found in the attachment. The component is designed for outdoor use therefore PLA cannot be used. Our experience is that the part exposed to solar radiation is deformed. For the printing I use original ultimaker abs filament and RS PRO PVA HT+ which is based on the manufacturer's description excellent adherence to ABS. My poblem is the ABS dont adherence to special PVA material. Print settings ABS: 245°C nozzle PVA HT+: 225 °C nozzle Bed: 100 °C cooling is always off To the bed I use UHU glue and its smoothed with w
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