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  1. We been getting this annoying message as well. ( one material appears to be empty) Really annoying as it effect our work flow / projects. I was wondering if it's something to to do with the feeder tensioner . The small hole in top the feeder where you can adjust tension? What do people think?
  2. Our's was the same, taken big chunks out of the PVA. You will find it will start to snap the PVA and it will get stuck in the tubes as well.
  3. Our Material station has gone back for the second time now, endless problems with chewing the the material and jamming. Been over a week and I have not heard anything back yet. Its a great idea but just not working!
  4. We've been having the exact problem with our S5 bundle. no end of problems. Glad to hear we are not the only ones having a terrible experience with this.
  5. Hi DrCeeVee We got our S5 bundle in January and have no end of problems with all 3 elements. The unit went back for 1 week to be investigated. Came back, worked once them more problems. Random UI freezes, Most of our problems comes from the Material station. Jamming up and snapping the materials in the tubes, grinding noise all sort of problems. The list is endless. At the moment its a 8k lump of junk sitting in the corning of our studio broken.
  6. This would be a great feature, Cant stand the glare of the Material station light. When is this planned?
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