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  1. One of the wires was disconnected! I found and fixed it.
  2. My printer recently flooded because of a leveling issue and I was able to resolve that. Since then it still has not been able to active level, I've manually leveled it several times but each time I try to actively level it the printcores are pushed up as far as they can go and the leveling fails. I've lowered the bed as much as possible and it still does this. What mechanism is it supposed to trip to stop it and how can I fix it? I can print fine if I manually level it, but obviously that is not ideal.
  3. This worked, thank you. Once I replace the lift switch I will be up and running!
  4. My printcores flooded into the ENTIRE printhead and I've gotten the burned filament mostly out however the printcores still will not come out for a complete cleaning. I've only been able to dismantle it so far because the screws keeping the rest of it together are full of filament. Is there anything else I can do to make this process easier. In the past I've used a soldering iron to heat up the filament enough for removal however the filament is jammed in the back of the printcore (or so I believe), and putting the heating element back there is not something I would like to do. What would be
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