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  1. Well even using your GCODE file which has all of your settings in it, i am unable to see the gaps your seeing. Could possibly be your printer setup settings in CURA. Confirm your settings. Possibly try version 4.2.1 which is showing me the STL and GCode files without gaps or blue layers in between.
  2. Im using CURA 4.2.1 and after loading your STL and GCODE i do not see any blue layers or line breaks in preview mode.
  3. Upload the model STL. I think you have an issue with an interior face thats causing it to print a support instead of seeing it as a wall.
  4. Hello, Im new here so forgive me if i am posting in the wrong spot. I am running CR-10S and am running into a strange issue ive been trying to figure out for a while. All of my prints are resulting in these weird ribbed lines all the way around my print on the outter and inner walls. It is not layer shift. the inner walls match the outter walls. Its almost like my flow is increasing itself and then decreasing. The lines are very consistent and equal length apart from each other. The over flowed lines are about 1.5mm tall and about 6.5mm apart from each other. This is resulting in me rigorously sanding this stuff out. I am printing in 3D Warhorse PETG (I have used over 15 spools of this stuff) As of now, and i am still experimenting but my current settings are: Cura Ver. 4.2.1 Layer Height: 0.2 Line Width: 0.44 Wall Thickness: 2 Wall Line Count: 5 Top Layers: 4 Bottom Layers: 4 Top / Bottom Thickness: 0.8 Infill Density: 20% Infill Pattern: Cubic Infill Overlap Percentage: 1% (was experimenting with this) Print Temp: 235 Bed Temp: 80 Flow: 113% Initial Flow Rate: 113% Retraction Distance: 5mm Retraction Speed: 50mm Print Speed: 37.5 Initial Print Speed: 7.22 Z Hop: Enabled Cooling: Disabled Please see photos and a small diagram I drew so you can see both sides of the walls. I am also including the GCODE of the photographed print. When you see the lines in the photos, note they are partially sanded so they are better visible. Thank you to anyone who is able to help. Part.gcode
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