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  1. So I posted in a 6mo old thread to get help and need an answer now. I have a machine that has 2 layer cooling fans. I'm using Cura 4.4.1 . fans havent been engaging, thus giving me crappy quality. discovered that I have to set the Cooling Fan Number to 0, even though one would figure if ya have 2, put 2. so I did. and obv that messed it up apparently. yay Cura. so I set the number to 0. no difference, wont do another print til I get an answer. I really dont wanna have to turn em on in the tune settings.
  2. So.. I did this. Still not showing in the gcode. my machines got 2 fans. so I set the CFN to 2. machine wasnt turning em on , so I searched til I found this. I put it back to default(0) , and havent seen a diff. havent done a print since, hesitant because of this. my last 15 hr print , every piece had ripples all the way from bottom to top.
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