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  1. here is link to hotend mount for e3d: Mounting unit Z axis couple is fine no issues at all. if you need more resolution on z axis just fit 0.9 stepper.
  2. Sure i can share my config 🙂. Just as advice use just required parts of my config to create yours. My ultimaker have few extras so if you don't have that will create problem for you. I use mk52 heat bed (Prusa mk3) also inductive sensor with temperature compensation (Pinda v2), SERIAL_PORT 3 is used for communication with raspberry pi over rx, tx, pins from wi-fi port. Also other bits like limit switch config might not match yours. So just double check. I build mine from 0. Configuration.h Configuration_adv.h
  3. Yes to get ulticontroller working in marlin is just one line in marlin to enable it. Also one line to enable led controller and you good to go. But you need to make that custom cable. In few days i'll be adding ups (for recover if power loss happens) to mine so i'll be able to take couple photos.
  4. So as i understand you want to use oled display? an make your Ulticontroller for it. just get all ready unit from like aliexpress less hassle and easy also cheap, make sure your board have i2c to control it.
  5. So i build ultimaker 2 clone with third party board (skr 1.4). I'l like to get replay from peopole who own generic ultimaker 2. How machine operates when you press arrow up or down on z axis. Does build plate moves up when arrow up press or it's inverted. I did set it up. so it home to max limit switch at the bottom. So when i press home it's homing to bottom ( max limit switch) but if i press arrow up my build plate will move down. if my arrows controls build plate correctly then when trying to home plate moves other direction. Trying to find out is this ok or i need to do more research. Thanks in advance.
  6. Just trying to move from simplify3d to cura and have couple issue. So far all good experience, but one of issues is when after infill starting printing walls inside no retracting happens but nozzle starts moving very fast and blobbing instead of nice print until it slowing down to print same line and finishing nice line. that creates small blobs of filament and that filament sticks to nozzle and get dragged around print. Second one is if any circle in the middle of the print no retraction happens then it does move from one to another location leaving lines. not so important inside of print but not nice then that happens top or bottom layers. Other wise getting half decent print. 🙂
  7. So if you use skr 1.4 you'll need to slice cable to extend 3 wires and make connection to different location. that will be 3.3v - power, (SCL, SDA - this is your i2c communication for screen). Ultimaker controller drawing. J2, J3 Connectors if you look at the drawings connectors j2 and j3. J2 - pins 6 and 4 this is where your i2c going. J3 - pin 8 ,3.3v which is missing on skr side is exp 2 pin 8 you need to split and supply 3.3v from any pin on board, i did use from wi-fi interface. (i do use wi-fi connector (rx,tx) for octoprint. so 3.3v is free to use for screen if you planing to use esp3d then is couple other pins with 3.3v you could use one of them.) i2c wire is very simple EXP1 port wire 6, 4. Skr 1.4 pins After that just in marlin to enable ultimaker 2 controller. Also PCA9632 led controller is supported by marlin so led also will be working. just enable in marlin. if need more info let me know.
  8. Or after you try to open app go to Apple logo->System Preferences -> Security and privacy in tab General at the bottom of it will be button to allow to start. You need to do this just one time.
  9. So with a bit of modding cable for screen all working with skr 1.4 and ultimaker 2 controller screen, led, buzzer, sd card also working fine. Running marlin 2.0.x. Couple more bits and 32bit Ultimaker up and running.
  10. Hi guys i'm trying to build ultimaker with skr 1.4 and tmc2209 drivers but i'd like to have original lcd at the front of machine is it possible to use skr with original ultimaker screen. Thanks in advance.
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