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  1. I remade the project from scratch and then ran it through some plug ins that fixed non manifold issues as well as reversed faces and other things. I got it printing though. Thanks for the help. It's so frustrating when it looks great on the screen but can't print. I forgot about all these issues. I've been too spoiled using Shapeways to print my stuff.
  2. @Job_van_gennip Ugh. Now I have to learn ANOTHER program. My brain hurts. 🙂 @P3D Thanks for replying. @nallath Thanks for looking into it.
  3. @P3D I used SketchUp Pro. I did upload some stuff from Thingiverse and that seemed to work OK. @nallath Sure I can save the project. It's attached below. Test.obj
  4. I was trying to make a cookie cutter and the model would always be greyed out and when sliced, would show that it would take zero minutes and use zero filament. I tried to create a simple cube with an overhang just to see if my model was busted but the simple cube returns the same results... No slicing, no filament prediction or time other than zero. I tried setting all settings back to default and I just can't figure this out. I'm a teacher trying to start a 3D printing club at my school but this is ridiculous. I've never had this problem before with other 3D printers. The fact that the software seems to be giving me no feedback and no way to pinpoint the problem seems a little crazy. Am I missing something? Thanks! Chris
  5. I'm new to Ultimaker3 (not 3D printing) and am trying to set up my printer for use in my classroom. I loaded both filaments. Everything seemed ok. Next I tried to calibrate the printer and saw that the calibration print suffered from severe under extrusion. I looked up some pointers that suggested I examine the PVA for marks that could tell if the material was being fed properly through the feeder. I tried to unload the material but nothing came out. The machine made noise and tried to unload it but the material didn't move. How do I fix this? Thanks, Chris
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