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  1. Does anyone know how to unpark material in the S5 Pro's Material Station? Some bright spark at Ultimaker thought it was a good idea to lock in the material for 2 hours before releasing, and with no release facility. Who's side is Ultimaker on? I believe it's a Dutch company, even so, surely someone over there can design and build firmware better than this! I need more 3D printers and this is one of the many issues that is holding back my decision when to buy the next S5 Pro.
  2. Face it - 5.8.0 is broken and needs fixing fast!
  3. Okay, there's been a software upgrade, or should that be downgrade or sidegrade? Upgrades suggests to me things get better, but alas the S5 firmware 5.8.0 shows just how little contact the developers must have with real-world printers. The idea is simple enough. Don't swap out material after a print because it can be likely that the very next run will require the same material. The execution of that idea is another Ultimaker disaster: the firmware refuses to let go of the material for some time (probably about an hour or two - haven't timed it yet (too much energy sapped by the lam
  4. "Dark blue = moves (thin lines)" What's "moves"?
  5. In my experience, this would be a trivial issue to overcome in firmware. Assuming the firmware was written in a worthwhile language on bare metal. However, knowing crash-crazy Linux and Python are involved, simple improvements may overwhelm such novice developers. Is there anyway emebedded systems developers can get their hands on the 'firmware'?
  6. In my original post, I was careful to say (2nd paragraph) "My S5 Pro" so hopefully that would be interpreted as "Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle". Smithy's advice conflicts with everything that I have read about setting up an S5 Pro, so no I won't be downgrading today for the reasons Dim3nsioneer suggested (Material Station). Some advice I have read suggests that even attempting to run the Material Station with an S5 with anything other than the 12-DEC-2019 release could damage/destroy some or all of the S5 Pro Bundle's delicate internals. I suspect there are no real S5 Pro exp
  7. I have the same problem, except it happens on every print. It currently adds 10 to 15 minutes to every print job. This is plainly wrong since it serves no purpose to do it every time. How do I report a bug? My S5 Pro prints about 2 metres of extruded filament at the beginning and end of every job. Even if the filament material has not been changed. The very worst design feature of the S5 is that it tells you next-to-nothing about what it is doing. I suspect a good UI is too much to ask of a slow interpreted Python3 running on crash-crazy linux? Yes sometimes when I swit
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