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  1. It got offline in Cura. I don't know its status in Digital Factory at that time.
  2. I don't know. I use the wired connection from now on. I still have some disconnections though. I have my printer connected both via LAN and Cloud. Could that be a problem? The cloud-version of the printer is quicker and more reliable with updates after material- and core changes.
  3. Got S3. Abandoned WiFi for cable because not working. Constant disconnects.
  4. So I tried again but used "three walls" when printing the cube and got better results.
  5. Hello! I'm trying to calibrate the flow since the default settings was over extruding. I printed a 20mm test cube with only single walls with layer thickness: 0,2 line width: 0,58 flow 100% Measured the walls to 0,9mm and changed the flow to 64% and printed again. Now it is under extruding with small holes here and there and not very good layer adhesion but still the walls are too thick, I measure them to 0,7mm. What can I do to adjust this? Jesper
  6. My S3 behaves like that. The last few days I have to start it two times every time I start it. First try i hangs at logo and second time it is fine. No other issues.
  7. A little late to read an answer but i finally did it and the "line type" color scheme is the shit! Thank you maht!
  8. Hello I'm trying to print with colorfab Bronzefill and started adjusting the flow setting. First by tuning while printing direcctly on th Ultimaker S3 screen and then from Cura settings and my impression is that the tune-setting does a lot more. Lowering thee flow by 5% to 95% by tuning does more that setting the flow in Cura to 85%. It that the way it is or am I misstaken? Jesper
  9. Is there some setting that somehow adjusts so that the visibility is improved when looking at a preview of an object made of black material in Cura ?
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