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  1. @dfrez yes I have read you got the same kind of troubles. I have ordered new magnet from the recommanded shop as the first set was included in the cheap Mark2 kit from China. Electronic stuff is ok but I was not enough cautious with magnets quality.
  2. Hi I have just finished the Mark2 conversion. What an amazing job you did guys ! So first of all I wanted to thank the team for sharing this and still supporting the community. 👍 I have 2 issues : I bought a UM2+ head set from china (quality OK) with 12v fans. With the fan control menu, the fans were producing very few air until 99% and then they were stopping a 100% ! Voltage was 24v a 100%, the fans are mounted in serie. In order to solve this, I had to change for 2 fans 24v in parallel... Is it normal ? Maybe I have missed a recommendation ! The sec
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