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  1. Should I still do that if this has already been reported? I'm pretty sure it has been a bunch of times. Is there any workaround or should I just keep using 3.2.1? 4.4.1 was working before I reinstalled it, so it seems like it should be possible to get it working again...
  2. Like the title says, I'm getting the fatal error when I try to launch 4.4.1. I've only been printing/using Cura for about a week, 4.4.1 was working for a few days and my prints were coming out good (i3 Mega). Then, seemingly for no reason, everything started to fail. I completed a print (final 2 bed leveling knobs), put those on the printer, and ever since then I can't get a skirt or the first layer to stick. I heard some people resolved it by reverting Cura to defaults, so I went one step further and reinstalled Cura. And that's when I started getting the fatal error. Tried version 4.4.0, also got fatal error. I'm able to run 15.04.6, which came with the printer, and 3.2.1 without errors. I did update the printer's firmware in the first couple of days, had successful prints after that, but maybe that has something to do with the error.
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