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  1. I dipped a toe into that. Found nginx where I expected it and the hosted pages located in /usr/share/griffin/www/ I'll have to play with it some more this weekend. Ha a quick fix would be to comment out hyperlinks in /usr/share/griffin/www/default.html Of course people could still find their way in but I'm just trying to keep the casual, non-savvy snooper at bay. My quick fix... I'll take it!
  2. Also, I understand the way they have the Debian configured/customized may have made a traditional authentication more difficult to implement in nginx (pure speculation on my part). From my router, to networked cameras, Raspberry Pis running Node-RED, OctoPrint, MotionEye, NAS... I can't think of a LAN'd thing I own that doesn't have some way of locking its front door. I though about messing around with ufw, but I don't want to lock myself out!
  3. I'm just trying to add some basic level of authentication on my LAN. In this case it's an office environment, but it could be home or anywhere else. I don't need to access this machine from the outside world. Just like in Octoprint, you create a username/password, authenticate, and credentials are cached for some duration. I'm not sure why the API has authentication required for PUT/POST, while anyone who discovers the printer on the LAN can start a job, but so be it.
  4. @Smithy, understanding the risk of opening developer mode, are you aware of anyone setting up basic password authentication in nginx or even htaccess files? I'm trying to stumble through it but not having any luck. Thanks.
  5. If you could share the basics of how they did that, I'd greatly appreciate it - assuming this was something they did to the printer and not by modifying your network (vlans, etc). Thanks!
  6. Is this on the development roadmap? I just setup our S5 yesterday and my network admin is informing me that if I can't password protect it, it can't be on our network, which means I'll be boxing it up and returning it. I can't be giving printer access to 1000+ employees. It also appears that anyone on our LAN can come to http://<device_ip>/settings and disconnect me from Ultimaker Cloud. If Gina Häußge can incorporate into OctoPrint, certainly Ultimaker can as well. Is there an individual at Ultimaker that I can discuss this with? Or info@ultimaker.com? Thank you.
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