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  1. Hey all, a few questions. Printing hollow (0% infill) with 2 or 3 outline perimeters for the shell works well enough for me, but I'd like to use the inside of this hollow print as a mold to cast another material in (eg. silicone). Couple questions. First, is there any option or setting I can change so that the inside of the print is printed with a clean surface and the outside gets all the visual deformities instead? For example, in the attached photo, the steep slope of the chin combined with having 3 or 4 bottom layers causes the inside of the print to be slightly extruded inwards and look a bit messy. I honestly don't care how mangled or terrible the outside of the print looks, so long as the inside looks great. Any way to do this? Printing from inside to outside instead doesn't seem to solve the issue. Second, is there a setting so that the outline walls are built OUTWARDS instead of INWARDS? I essentially end up with a hollow print where the inside is actually smaller than it's supposed to be, since the slicer set up the walls to go towards the inside. I'd like to have the walls built outwards such that innermost wall should be the correct same size as my model, if any of that makes sense. Just a heads up also, I'm aware of other methods for making molds, such as using boolean operations in other software or even using Cura's experimental mold setting, but these methods, the way they're designed, also blow the print times through the roof. Printing hollow with 2 shells works perfectly and keeps the print time down to 2 hours or so, instead of 16+, but I just can't seem to make the inside of the print have a clean surface and ensure that the walls are built outwards. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks all!
  2. Hi all. I'd like to print an object with an open top, but not by modifying the geometry in other software (I have dozens of files set up ready for Cura). All I need to do is: on the final layer of the print only, change the top layers setting to 0 so it'll print with an open top. In Simplify3D, I could accomplish this with processes, which allows you to adjust different settings at different layers in your print. In Cura, the closest I've found are using Support blockers and setting the per model setting to "Modify settings for overlaps". Dragging the support blocker cube over the top of my model and setting Top Layers to 0 for the support blocker, it works in preventing the top layer of my model from printing. Unfortunately, the bottom of the support blocker also ADDS geometry to be printed inside of my main model. see the attached picture. I've tried adding other settings to the support blocker, like setting Top and Bottom Layers to 0, Initial Bottom Layers to 0, etc, with no luck. Seems no matter what I try, the bottom of the support blocker always adds a plane whenever I slice it. Am I approaching this incorrectly, or am I misunderstanding how the support blocker works? Again, all I'd like to do is print models with an open final top layer but have the "top layers" parameter set to a value other than 0 in every layer BUT the top layer. If not using support blockers, is there a different way to approach this? Thanks in advance!!
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