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  1. Hey all, a few questions. Printing hollow (0% infill) with 2 or 3 outline perimeters for the shell works well enough for me, but I'd like to use the inside of this hollow print as a mold to cast another material in (eg. silicone). Couple questions. First, is there any option or setting I can change so that the inside of the print is printed with a clean surface and the outside gets all the visual deformities instead? For example, in the attached photo, the steep slope of the chin combined with having 3 or 4 bottom layers causes the inside of the print to be slightly ext
  2. Hi all. I'd like to print an object with an open top, but not by modifying the geometry in other software (I have dozens of files set up ready for Cura). All I need to do is: on the final layer of the print only, change the top layers setting to 0 so it'll print with an open top. In Simplify3D, I could accomplish this with processes, which allows you to adjust different settings at different layers in your print. In Cura, the closest I've found are using Support blockers and setting the per model setting to "Modify settings for overlaps". Dragging the support blocker cube over the top of my mo
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