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  1. Thank you Burtoogle, you made my day ! I'll be printing it with this settings as soon as I can, and post back the result.
  2. Hey Maht, I'm using Cura 4.4.0 on Windows 10 64 bits. What I exactly want to achieve is to have support generated for the small tip under the upper "blade" you can see in the first screenshot (the small red part on the right of the picture). Support placement is indeed set to 'Everywhere'. I'm posting the .3mf zip file right now. Thank you for your help ! CE5_model.zip
  3. Hello everyone, I'm new to 3d printing, and I desperately need your help with a specific model issue... It seems Cura is not able to generate support for an overhang over another overhang, with very little X/Y gap between them. I have tried tweaking the X/Y minimum support gap and Z gap as well, with no success. I don't think I'm making it clear (sorry english is not my native language), but those two screenshots should be self-explanatory, or at least I hope so.. Thank you for your time and help !
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