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  1. Yes, that works, it retracts now. Most is gone. Only left is a string after the "Prime blob", and sometimes a tiny bit of stringing after retraction. Thanks.
  2. Whoops, indeed it's an Ultimaker 3 not S3. Explanation of gr5 is clear, makes sense, fits what i'm seeing and is an setting i didn't touch until now. Thanks, i will try it later today. Regards, Richard
  3. Hello, I'm working with a UM3 and trying to print with two colors of PLA. This works, but I keep getting strings. I watched the video to solve this, experimented with the retraction settings, z-hop, print speed, temperatures etc. I looked in this forum. But it simply doesn't get better. One thing I notice is that it seems head 1 doesn't retract at all. I don't hear it pulling back the filament. When it switches to the second head, it always retracts correctly, doesn't have any strings. But to be fair, the first 95% is done by head 1, so it continually moves over already printed material. Load/unload works fine on head 1. So my guess is it's not broken, but not sure. Anybody an idea what else I can try or check? Any help is appreciated Note: STL's are from Solidworks 2020. Note: The attached photo is taken with the Cura default settings.
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