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  1. I had the same issue with my S5 and material station, but it was only related to one specific material. It turns out that some material was clogged inside the material station. I would make sure that there is no material clogged somewhere along the feed line.
  2. Still having issues with all of the above. Even with the new firmware. I can practically not use PVA at all in the material station and have tried 3 different rolls in different bays, not to mention cutting more PVA (1meter each time it fails) Our PVA works only on our non-material station s5, so the material station works EXCEPT for PVA. Im in contact with customer support but regretfully if there's no solutions anytime soon we 'll have to return the unit as it only worked about 10% of the time with soluble supports
  3. Same thing here guys. Endless issues with the material station usually related to UM PVA getting stuck somewhere. At this point we get an ER 50 error that we cannot clear even though we unseated the board and re-clipped it back on. With the material station off everything works fine. We already have an active ticket. Im thinking that the material station was simply not ready for to be released!
  4. Yes we also had the issue. The error thrown scraps the build though as nothing can clear it. We are also having a lot of issues with loading Ultimaker PVA . The material changer so far, at least for us, has created a lot more problems than it can potentially solve.
  5. I wish the one that I mentioned earlier was the only problem with this printer,( as I was able to print anyways). The Air Manager is a complete and utter brick. Even though it shows installed under maintenance the actual fan never kicks in. As a result, with the hood closed it clogged a brand new print core with filament. Even after we decided to print from then on with the hood open, we have had a myriad of issues with the material station. About 60% of the time the filament never makes into the print cores, and has to be fished out. In our current situation filament is stuck between the low
  6. Well first things first. Even though material is shown to be loaded in all bays when I try to load a job it gives a warning and says I dont have material (see images). We do have the latest firmware installed .
  7. We have bought our senond Ultimaker S5, this time withe Pro Bundle. It is beyond belief how many issues we have encountered to make it work, and it still does not work. working with the reseller is our next option, but if we can't get the material station and air manager to work (even though we have all the latest firmware updates) we will probably return the entire unit and possibly shop for a more reliable alternative.
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