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  1. @J-Liam Can you share a link on how to do the complete reset? I couldn't find it on the support page. I am sure it might be buried somewhere in there but the basic search for it did not show up anything useful.
  2. Just happened to me as well on Cura 4.7.1. I am trying to import some previously saved config profiles and they are not showing up after successfully saying it has been imported. After doing this a few times I start to get a "(#X)" next to the name of the import in the success window. This does nothing for visibly seeing the profile.
  3. Try using the "per model setting" feature. - add a support block on the bottom layer, size it greater than your bottom layer dimension (z height should equal bottom layer height). Make sure the block begins at z=0mm - Click on the support block again (make sure it highlighted) and select "per model settings" on the left tab. And change the Mesh Type to "modify settings for overlaps". - Select Settings: Surface Mode - change this back to "on" or "normal" depending which CURA version you have. - I found that the support block mesh type switched back to "normal mode" which w
  4. I experienced this exact same issue. After almost ripping my hair off I think I may have found it. First try enabling the outer wall speed and inner wall speed and modify. Then you can also enable and increase the Top/Bottom Speed. Lastly I found out that in CURA 3.6, if you set your own values for Top/Bottom Thickness the slicer will override the layer thickness you set in the beginning. I used to think I was printing at 0.2 mm layer height but in reality it was 0.302. Double check the total number of layers in CURA 3.6 and compare it to CURA 4.2.1. Hope this helps
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