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  1. SUCESS, And I did it in Cura 4.4.1. Little bit nasty getting support material out/off. Mari, THANK YOU for your help😁
  2. Still like too expensive for me. I can remember vcr’s first out were $1,200 and at end under $100. Same thing with DVD players. Look at 3D printers how they’ve come down. Some day I’m saying recyclers will come down also.
  3. A good filament recycler that yields good filament to use for under $300 would be the best thing since sliced bread, sorry sliced bread
  4. Thanks to MARI she sent me this
  5. QUESTION I noticed in version 4.4.1 has same modify G code options as 4.1. Is it that after making mods in 4.4.1 it didn't "stick" when printed?
  6. Mari Thank You VERY VERY much. I had downloaded version 4.1, installed it too. Spent about 20 mins looking with no luck until you sent CHEPs video. As I watched I had Cura open making same setting changes. Right now printing "ender 3 pro" starting to print in blue then hopefully it will be waiting for black. IF I did everything correct. THANK YOU
  7. I found ver 4.1 does this version come PAUSE at (layer #, height, or line count)? I downloaded ver 4.1 but will wait till I hear it does, and am told where in that ver I'll find it
  8. The setting where 1) I can set to pause ( at certain line number)printing so I may change filiments (color) and 2) I don't have to be there to manually watch and hit pauseprint on my Ender screen
  9. Im having issues looking for setting in ver 4.4 and 4.41. I wonder if 4.5beta has it?
  10. Hello I have a subject I want to print that is the "ENDER 3 PRO" badge for top rail of printer. I want the letters to be one color and the mounting clips behind to be black. I know I want to pause the print process at line 46 to change filament. I thought I saw pause in cura 4.4. Could not find it so upgraded to Cura 4.4.1. I still cant find pause. Is it known by another name in those versions? What version has pause? 4.5beta?
  11. Yes that how I printed it after looking at possible outcome if "opening" on bottom. So I rotated the base/case in cura and and had the "back" of the case/base on the bottom and the print turned out perfect. Thank You for that suggestion. I have now since then Learned to look at subject before slice to better orient for more successful print. Again, Thank you
  12. I was able to “ rotate” to where the open front is now on the bottom as it prints. Which as I type this, it is now printing. I’ll let you know how it turns out some time tonight or tomarrow
  13. Thank you. I’ll look into that
  14. I’m new to the 3D printing. Very first print of the dog went perfectly. Now 2 prints later, I was printing the case for a 2 drawer setup goes under my Ender 3 pro bed. The drawers printed good. The case was another story. The bottom and lower section sides printed ok. When the “top” of the lower section began to print, it pulled the sides in and never printed right. The bottom was flat when I lifted it off the bed. Was this a support or lack of is at issue ?
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