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  1. When reviewing /api/history/print_jobs response I noticed there is both a Failed and Aborted result. How does the Ultimaker/Cura decide which of these responses to provide. {'datetime_cleaned': '2019-06-04T22:22:47', 'datetime_finished': '2019-06-04T22:21:18', 'datetime_started': '2019-06-04T22:13:07', 'name': '######', 'reprint_original_uuid': None, 'result': 'Aborted', 'source': 'WEB_API/R1M/Cura Connect', 'time_elapsed': 0.0, 'time_estimated': 0.0, 'time_total': 0, 'uuid': '4db88675-23c2-4db5-b1a9-dc2af4f0d2d3'} {'datetime_cleaned': '1970-01-01T00:04:52', 'datetime_finished': '19
  2. Starting to experiment with the api/v1/history/events call. It looks like the type_id can be used to sort the events 131076 is finished print 65538 is a print head change Is there list of the supported types and meanings?
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