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  1. Hello All As a follow on form our Story. We had our training today, and took the opportunity to go through our issues. D E F is not working. This seems to have been poor assembly at the factory. The PDB wasn't well seated, and therefore not connection well. WE also had developed an issue with Extruded 2 loading, They found some broken filament in the material station. Removed it, put it back together and all worked fine. for a while. Did 2 prints with PLA PVA all loaded / unloaded fine. During the 3rd print, load failed, and now I seem to have a blockage in the Material Station again. As with others this is also with PVA. PITA!!! So to get out, I loaded the material on the back, and set the print off. Trainers said that this station is only really months old, and because of this the developers are still playing. They said to be patient....... Grr... I just want it to work consistently. Interesting to hear other having similar issues and supporting each other. Keep it up. Its good four our community, and for the developers that pop in to support from time to time.
  2. Hello All I am after some Ideas / Support on The Ultimater S5 Pro Bundle more specifically with the material station. As we change from PP to PLA to PVA plus other materials we were really looking forward to this. But at the moment its letting us down. 2 main points. D, E, F dont work. This will be raised with our resailer. more importantly and frustratingly is material profiles are not available for all materials, and there is no way to know if it will work until you get your material and try load it in. So there in lies my Biggest question. I would like to print with Xstrand PP GF30. This works if the material is connected direct to the printer, but not in the material station. I have extracted the profile and reviewed in in notpad, and compared with the um pp profile, and there seem to be many missing parameters. So, like I had a play, and tryied to edit the profile / make my own/ Which is ok in cura, but it doesnt seem to send the new profile to the machine. (This may be because I didnt change the <GUID> So what are you lads all doing? Just sticking to UM materials, Any help appreciated.
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