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  1. I replugged the printer and did an additional grounding. Actually, the printer seems to work. Very very faulty and sensitive setup...
  2. thanks for your reply. I went through the sensor test several times. Each time successfully. I did no additional grounding, just plugging it in, where it should be grounded by default, or should I?
  3. Hi there, this printer drives me crazy... First the issue with the active leveling, caused by the cabling of the front fan, crossing the level sensor, and after I was able to fix it with the great support from this forum just by moving the black and white cable to the outer left position, I get this new error. It is there all the time without disappearing by: - manual leveling several times - switching the print cores several times from AA to BB to AA AA and so on - Following the 2 videos - Updating the firmware to todays latest version If he
  4. Hi, you did it. That was the issue. They were not really pinched (black/white) , but they have moved to the mid close to the sensor plate crossing it at the edge. Moving them back to the left side as far as possible fixed the issue. Thank you so much...
  5. Looks like, I have to contact my reseller Conrad Electronic in Germany.
  6. Hi, I have checked the cables and plugged them out and back in again. Here are some pictures... No change... 😔 Link
  7. Hi Makers, I have an unusable S5 since nearly 2 months. Right from the beginning, the printer returned a „There is a problem with the active level sensor“ during the leveling. Normally, I was able to solve it by turning it off and back on. Not very good, but solvable (Should not happen in this pricing segment). In the meantime, the error persists and I cannot solve it myself. When starting the job, he tries to level. The plate moves up to approximately half of the way, then stops with the mentioned error moving back downwards. What I already did: Installed t
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