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  1. So what you are saying if I understand correctly is that if I wasn't to resize something never actually resize the desired axis size the other axis first and before I input any amount fist in the percentage column put 200%.
  2. I may be just and idiot at this point overthinking and analyzing this but this is my quandary if I resize the model to 150 MM this is what it looks like it is bigger than the print bed even though the bed itself is 235 MMx235MM and if I size it to 76 it fits in the print area but 76 MM isn't 6 in. this is my quandary you advice is welcome.
  3. I am just looking to see if anybody has run into this problem before long story short what I am having an issue with is scaling in cura 4.4.0. I have an Ender 3 I know that the bed size is 235x235 but really it's 220x220 so after updating my printer and all I chose to enlarge to the print bed to 235 x235. So I would assume that I would be able to load more parts or models to the build plate but what I am finding is when scaling up a model the measurements don't seems correct for example when I sized a model up to 6in it was 76 MM which I know isn't correct. I updated the firmware and all so I know that it wont connect to the print and all so I can't properly monitor a print or give more information. Attached you will see pictures of what I am talking about It's also happening to other model they seem HUGE to print but on the actual print bed it seems I have more room to place more models
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