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  1. Hello everyone, Very good news! I'm pleased to announce that all reported problems with the Ultimaker S5 have now been fixed! I will edit my first post to let readers know about this. Below I will describe the root cause of the problems, so that it may help someone who may be having similar issues. Continuing on from my previous posts, two days ago I went to the reseller's shop to check things out with the printer (it had been returned to the reseller for testing), and everything was fine. I saw some very beautiful prints that were made with the printer (this is the 2nd
  2. @ultiarjan: Sorry for the off-topic question but... Can you share some info about yout drybox? I'm also interested in printing with PVA (it was the reason I chose a dual-extruder printer), but the problem is that it quickly degrades when left in open air, even for a short period of time. I used the spool that came with my S5 to print a small test print (which printed beautifully), and then left it in a zip-sealed bag with silica gels inside it. I tried to use it again about a month later, and it had become so brittle it broke in may places inside the Bowden tube. Not su
  3. In your photo, the capacitive touch sensor ribbon cable is the one on the left, with the label "Touch" under it. You could try to carefully remove and re-insert the ribbon cable. To remove it, you may need to push/pull or lift up some pieces or plastic on the edges of the connector, or to lift/move the black piece of plastic on top of it. You need to see the type of connector and make sure you understand how to remove and re-insert the ribbon cable. Google it. If you're not sure of what to do, don't do anything, as these ribbon cables are very delicate and can tear easily. About th
  4. There seems to be a problem with the screen's capacitive touch sensor. Have you dropped any liquid on the screen, or hit it hard with your hand or another object? Is there a film/protector on the screen? Usually the capacitive touch sensor has a little flexible ribbon cable on the back of the screen, that connects to the main board and carries touch signals via I2C. Could it be that this ribbon cable has somehow been partly detached? Probably not, as these can't be detached so easily. I hope I'm wrong, but it looks like you'll have to ship the unit to your reseller for
  5. Interesting topic. My impression about the Ultimaker S5 (and Ultimaker printers in general) is that they are not meant to be modded in the way that cheaper printers like Prusa, Creality, Anycubic, etc., are. I see this as more of a negative thing than positive. I'm an electronics engineer, and would love to be able to improve on my (not yet in my hands) S5. But the price/warranty and overall enclosed design of the printer discourages users to mod it. Maybe some external attachments for filament handling, helpful tools, things like that, but I'm not sure how easy it would be to mod
  6. @BiMNrd: I know that this will not solve your problem, but it would be very useful and helpful to the community if you could post photos of a side-by-side comparison of a print using ABS on the Ultimaker vs. your other printer, to see the differences in quality and layer flatness as it relates to your problem. Don't do it if it's too difficult for you. I'm just curious to see the differences in quality between the two printers.
  7. I've never used ABS, and based on what I've been reading, it seems to be a difficult material to print... Can't you use something like Tough PLA? The few test prints I've tried with my Ultimaker S5 were very strong and sturdy. Couldn't break them with my bare hands. If ironing doesn't work, I would try gently sanding the piece by placing a fine sandpaper on a flat surface.
  8. I've noticed this issue on some of my prints (Tough PLA). It happens when a top layer is small, narrow, or has a shape that forces the printer to do many small zig-zag movements to fill the inner area of the layer. The start/end points of those zig-zag material deposits tend to rise slightly, thus giving the layer a rough/bumpy feel when you touch it and run your finger over it. I don't mind so much about this, as it can be corrected by gently sanding the layer, but would like to hear of a solution. One thing that comes to mind is forcing the printer to fill the surface layers by u
  9. @SefPinneyStudio: Many thanks for your reply, that's the kind of response I'm after. Hands-on experience and an informed opinion. I'm really glad your experience with your Ultimaker is positive. As you've correctly stated, there's not much else to choose from, when it comes to raw specifications. Perhaps the MakerBot Method X, but that's not so easy to get at the moment, and has yet to prove its worth, and it's a closed system in terms of filament and s/w. OTOH, the Ultimaker S5 is available now and has it all, on paper at least. When it works as intended, it can produce stunning results. I've
  10. Just to add to the very interesting discussion, if the "pause-blob-disaster" issue is caused by G-code, then that blob should be repeatable and at the exact same spot in every print of the same G-code. I still have the G-code of the print that caused the blob issue on the second S5 (last 2 photos of my original post). So, I could just re-run the same G-code and see what happens. If it blobs at the exact same spot, it's something to do with the contents of that file, or the way the contents are interpreted by the printer firmware. If, however, the print goes fine, or causes a blob on a differen
  11. OMG @traderhut! If what you're saying is really what's happening, then this is a very serious issue (or issues) that must be addressed by Ultimaker. If the generated G-code contains instructions that shouldn't be in there (trying to control 2 extruders when there's only one enabled, or changing temperatures mid-print and releasing molten goo on top of the object being printed, or other badly timed and/or unnecessary instructions that mess up the print), then there is something seriously wrong with the design of this printer... We're not talking about a fault condition, but about ba
  12. I totally agree with what you're saying. Fortunately, the Ultimaker S5 has been assigned to me and only I will use it at work. The other colleagues are quite intimidated by it and don't even want to touch it. Good for me! 😈
  13. Many thanks Carla. Really glad your S5 is a 24/7 workhorse that you can depend on. That's how it should be. That's what I expected. And I still do. And I hope we'll get there in the end. The reseller came yesterday, collected the 2nd S5, which is now being tested at their own lab. They are only a few kilometres from my house, so I will pay them a couple of visits during next week, to check things out and see what's going on. Hopefully all will be sorted out. Looking forward to having it back soon. Lots of things to do with it, for both business and pleasure!
  14. Hi Bob, and many thanks for the reply. I'm very glad that your experience is different from mine, and mostly positive. I still believe that the Ultimaker S5 is a good, reliable 3D printer, and would really hate to have to end up purchasing a different brand (what else is there anyway, at this level of performance, open architecture, selection of materials, track record?). This is my first 3D printer, but I know about 3D printing and have played with friends' and colleagues' machines. Trust me when I say that I'm the kind of person that's very comfortable and "at home" in understand
  15. Your screenshot shows that the build plate has a thick shaded region near the right edge. I think these shaded regions are "forbidden" regions, where the object should not touch. This results from certain parameters in Cura, from the 2nd extruder (if enabled), and maybe other conditions I'm not aware of. But in your case, the front and back edges have almost no shaded regions. Maybe if you try to rotate the object 90 degrees (long side parallel to the Y-axis) it will fit. Also, try to turn off "Adhesion", by removing any brims, or even skirts, that may be counted as wasted space by
  16. Update --- Very good news! I'm pleased to announce that all reported problems with the Ultimaker S5 have now been fixed! Read my full post for more information. Greetings to the Ultimaker community. This is my first post. I decided to join and share my experience in evaluating the Ultimaker S5 3D printer. This is going to be a very long post, in which I'd like to share in detail what I observed, the various issues that came up, and my overall impression of this machine. Also, I would really like to hear your own experiences and how they relate to mine, in the hope that I can determ
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