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  1. Hi that’s exactly what you see in the pictures, the better one is 8 layers crazy print at 100% infill , all perfect
  2. What I don’t get is exactly the same file prints great on ender 3 V1
  3. Yes it was PETG, but why does the V1 print perfect and the V2 shows the infill no cooling on either machine the infill was gyroid 20%, ill take some pictures today thanks
  4. I printed a test part on all my ender 3 V1 and came out perfect i tried it on my V2 , same profile and the top skin was sinking into the infill went from 3 top layers to 8 and still visible any ideas?
  5. Aha that makes sense thanks
  6. Hi i put my cube in the part scale it but when i try to pull a face in the blue direction it goes in the red pull it in the red direction it move in the green very annoying any ideas thanks Dean
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