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  1. Hello Phil, I would be willing to, you would just have to provide for shipping please PM me.
  2. Used Ultimaker 3 in the NYC area looking for 2100$ Comes with 1x AA .4mm Core and 1x BB .4mm Core Spool of Amazon 2.85mm PLA I do not have the Original shipping container. Missing Right leveling knurled knob ( easily ordered off amazon https://www.amazon.com/Printer-Accessory-Ultimaker-Platform-Thumbscrew/dp/B0832K4VYF/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=M3+Knurled+Nut+Platform+3&qid=1580519854&s=industrial&sr=1-3) I unfortunately also do not have the filament guide. Printer works perfectly, in the picture I have the lights in the frame dimmed dow
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