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  1. Problem solved! Carelessness strikes again. Turbocad is kind of finikey when it comes to making holes in or hollowing out objects. To make the hole or hollow by subtraction, the piece being subtracted must extend beyond the boundary of the piece that is to have the hole or be hollowed. In my case, I had a plug that I was subtracting from what would be the outer shell. I changed some dimensions on the outer shell but forgot to change the plug. So, I had a hollow shell with a layer, probably a small fraction of a mm thick, over the bottom of the hollow. I assume Cura was trying to read the result as a solid and getting confused. Finished routing out the opening on my drawing and it seems to be printing as planned.
  2. Newby, still trying to fit all the pieces together. Working on a particularly irksome print and trying to understand how Cura settings interact with the dimensions of my model. So, the key question for me is: If I have a hollow model, with a wall thickness of 2mm, and I set the Cura shell thickness to 3mm, what happens? Will Cura override my model dimensions or adhere to them? Or, will Cura just go off on a tangent and do something weird? If I can get this straight I'll have a much better idea of how to set up my model in Cura.
  3. Hi, guys. I've got an older Anet A8 (maybe 3-4 years old) that came with Cura 14.07. Every time I load Cura I get the message that an upgrade is available and asks if I want to install. When I first started working with 3d printing I read somewhere on line that the Anet does not play well with higher versions of Cura, so I have declined the offered upgrade. Now, reading a lot of content on this and other sites, it looks like newer versions of Cura come with some different/enhanced features over the Version 14.07 that I've been using. In fact, a lot of the problem "fixes" refer to settings that are not available in my Version 14.07. So, I'm wondering if I should allow the upgrade to occur. Anybody know if the offered upgrade will play well with my Anet A8? Will there be advantages to upgrading? Appreciate any input.
  4. I did it that way based on feedback from the 3d printer folks in the Turbocad Forum - who said Cura didn't care if an object was all one piece or multiple pieces, as long as the pieces were continuous. Makes it easier to make changes in the final design. I did use the Boolean Add feature of Turbocad to combine the 3 segments into one (TC Surface per Turbocad). Same result (or lack thereof).
  5. Hi guys. Just found this forum and seeking help with a model I'm trying to print. I designed it in Turbocad, for printing on my Anet A8 using Cura 14.07 as the slicer. I've attached the STL of the model. It is supposed to be a hollowed out shell with a flange. I've tried many setting options on Cura (too many to remember at this point). I can get the model to print as a solid (not hollowed out) with the flange. Or, I can get the model to print hollowed out, but the flange only partially prints and is detached from the model. I guess I could print the solid model and use my Dremel tool to rout out the inside - but that seems like a kind of in-elegant approach. I've done a lot of work cleaning up the Turbocad drawing so I'm hoping it isn't a problem there. Can anybody advise me as to the proper Cura settings to get this thing to print out? Or, did I design an unprintable model? Printer Cabinet Bump Out.stl
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