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  1. Yes, assuming you printed the same file, or had the same configuration. As an example of that, I was seeing the problem on my printer (not an S5 to be clear), every time I printed that file, but when I fixed the configuration and regenerated it (set all the temps the same), the problem went away as it no longer had a reason to pause. (Although, it really shouldn't have been interpreting that command as one to pause, from what I saw in the GCode - so that could be a firmware issue on the printer)
  2. Oh, one other comment.... I found another place I had to change the temp, so now everything is set to 210, and I am not seeing the pause and melt problem. It doesn't seem like it is handled well when it needs to raise/lower the temp of the hot end though. If you are having a pause issue, and you are doing a two color print, you might want to make sure the temps of both hot ends are the same (set in the material, initial layer temp and a few other places it seems - not sure, just remember I had another one I just found).. I think they need to change their code to move the hotend
  3. The Creality is working fine, this was the A10T Cheap Chinese printer that is working fine with every slicer except Ultimaker - And yes, to be fair, I am still dialing in the settings for it. And as someone pointed out, the new slicer doesn't handle (or expect) two hotends to share a temp sensor - even if they are configured as having a common extrusion point (as is the case with how I'm setup - 3 extruders, and all of them have a 0 offset for x and y. I started with the 'custom' printer and went from there, It is a Bowden Extruder, but I presume, because it is heavier than a nor
  4. The problem is in the generated GCode, WTF are you are trying to do here: T0 M109 S205 M104 T0 S210 You change the temp to be at least 205, then wait for it to be 210. It is never extruded at 205, I'm not sure where the 205 even comes from as I've changed the standby temp to 210. (Also, if you are doing a standby, how about moving the hotend someplace where it is less likely to gork things up before you wait for the temp to change. This is interesting too: I have ONE physical hotend, but you do: T1 ; Select tool 1 G92 E0 M105 M1
  5. I've been running a Creality CR10 for years (5?), and I leveled the bed once, got the settings dialed in, and after that I just send a job to it and it prints perfectly. Not seen much 'minder's that have had to be done - I've even moved the printer and not had any issues following that. Things I've noted: 1. I've NEVER had a clog with this printer. Not once. 2. I've never replaced the print head 3. I've never screwed around with the bed, I heat it to 70C, using a bed that is made of the PEI Sheet that is 1/8" thick or so, it sticks perfectly (0.25mm fir
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