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  1. Thank you for having a look , i will need to get an artist,not one of the design i paid for print , waste of money so far. thank you again
  2. Hi All , i have been trying for weeks to print this , would any of the members please have a look and tell me what im doing wrong, or is it the model ? thank you CFFFP_para.3mf
  3. Being very new to this 3d printing , i decided that designing what i wanted was a bit of a hammering on my brain, so i decided to find a expert designer , who done a few designs for me. These looked brilliant when i looked at them in 3d viewer, then , i bought a printer, and got myself Cura , this is when i found out , not 1 of these designs have printed properly , missing parts , not printing the full item ect. I spoke to the guy and he told me to reduce and remesh them , well , thats beyond me , although i have learned a lot trying. So , if like myself , you are very new to this , dont do what i did and hire someone before going heavy into the designers work and reputation. In a nutshell , back to the drawing board for me....
  4. Thanks Smithy , I will do that when i get home Tuesday cheers
  5. Good Morning all, I had this made for me , when i slice and print , it goes well until it comes to the text and part of the thistle. I have tried a lot of settings , shell , wall etc Any advice would be great john
  6. maht , that is a great video tutorial , i found it very informative and learned quite a bit , brilliant
  7. jockcraw

    Who i am

    Hello SandervG, thank you for your welcome, I have been interested in 3d printing for quite a while now , but only bought the printer 4 months ago [ ANET ET4 ], i went for bargain basement , just to make sure i could get into it. Before that i paid for models to be printed. As far as projects go , i have a good collection of militaria 1914 - present , nothing to show as yet as the filiment i bought was bargain bucket and the finished object is really bad. Learning , i am reading the board with great interest , especially the problems , and would like to learn as much about 3d printing as possible. Again thank you for the welcome and i will see you around the board
  8. jockcraw

    Who i am

    Hello to all members. My name is John , i live in Brighton UK . I was in HM Forces for 21 years . I am a novice at 3d printing , i dont design , just try and print , i pay for my objects to be made , all militaria so far. I look forward to browsing the board for solutions , help, advice and a chat cheers to you all John
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