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  1. Hello all , can anyone advise me whats causing this . really rough finish , bad photos also , sorry any advise would be welcome
  2. Good morning , can any one help me please , whats going on here
  3. can anyone tell me the best supports for printing this , or would you break it into parts , cura 4.7 thank you
  4. i have been looking for months for British Army Insignia , even paying to have some made , now i have found a site that has a few i would like to purchase , Though these are stl files , they are for cnc router , is it possible to print these , if not , does any member know of a site or a designer thank you
  5. Yes ,i took your advice and managed to get it printed , thank you for your help !
  6. That looks good that , exactly what i wanted, because i need 14 for my Falklands reunion , i have paid to have another one made but my thanks to all for your help on this
  7. No photos , sorry , like i said it prints great right until the end , i will try it again and take photo thank for your help Smithy
  8. Sorry , try that ,its a big fileCFFFP_guards.3mf CFFFP_2sg.3mf
  9. i dont mind anyone having the design its Scots Guards . i had 3 designs made and cant print any , this is the cura file Smithy , and thanks CFFFP_guards.3mf
  10. Smithy , i have been tying to print this for a month now , it goes great until it gets to the text and top of thistle. I have made it solid , reduced it , everything i have learned , but no joy at all any advice is apprieciated
  11. Good Morning all , I paid to have this design made , do you think this is printable ? , can it be fixed ? thank you
  12. Thank you for having a look , i will need to get an artist,not one of the design i paid for print , waste of money so far. thank you again
  13. Hi All , i have been trying for weeks to print this , would any of the members please have a look and tell me what im doing wrong, or is it the model ? thank you CFFFP_para.3mf
  14. Being very new to this 3d printing , i decided that designing what i wanted was a bit of a hammering on my brain, so i decided to find a expert designer , who done a few designs for me. These looked brilliant when i looked at them in 3d viewer, then , i bought a printer, and got myself Cura , this is when i found out , not 1 of these designs have printed properly , missing parts , not printing the full item ect. I spoke to the guy and he told me to reduce and remesh them , well , thats beyond me , although i have learned a lot trying. So , if like myself , you are very
  15. Thanks Smithy , I will do that when i get home Tuesday cheers
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